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EndoTube tracheal tubes and components are manufactured from the
finest and purest medical-grade resins available. The tubes are manufactured
in one of the largest tracheal tube plants in the world. This plant is one of the very
few facilities worldwide to receive the stringent certifications of the FDA, ISO, CE, and
the Japanese Ministry of Health. Products are constantly monitored during the manufacturing
process for material integrity, manufacturing continuity, quality controls and plant conditions. 

Specially designed heated and tapered tooling provides EndoTube with the smoothest Murphy eye 
in the industry. After creating the Murphy eye, each tube is carefully hand-checked for smoothness. 
Proprietary tooling is then used to gently taper and smooth the distal tip to prevent tissue irritation. 

The dimension of the lumens in EndoTube is critical. Therefore, tube extrusions must be run very slowly 
through extremely accurate tooling to maintain the precise tolerances required. 

To assure the integrity of the self-sealing valve of the pilot balloon and the inflatable cuff, each tube 
is fully inflated and checked for possible leakage prior to packaging and sterilization. Universal 15mm 
connectors assure secure attachment to ventilator circuits.

Our high volume/low pressure cuff is designed to equalize and reduce pressure against tracheal tissue, 
assuring excellent seal, which may also help prevent VAP.

Inner cartons are packaged with 10 tubes and the tube pouch and carton labeling is color coded and 
easy to read.  Every pouch and carton is also bar coded for accurate identification and inventory control.

All Merlyn Medical products are packaged sterile and are 100% Latex-Free